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Introducing the made-up true story...

He was cranky, stubborn and at times exasperating, but he was also insightful, imaginative and considerate. Master Jeffrey is based upon the real-life person who was my brother-in-law Jeffrey, whom I loved but lost in the early Spring of 2013.


Jeffrey’s passing left a void in a lot of people’s lives. When I first considered trying to chronicle his adventures, I knew it would make a fine work that would inspire readers with his courage and determination. I also realized that Jeffrey would have hated it, because even though he was born with disabilities, he never asked for pity or attention—just an extra dessert now and then.

I wanted people to know my brother-in-law as I do— not through details and documentation, but stories that capture his spirit, determination and integrity.

Jeffrey was smart and courageous, so I decided to write the story of a hero—brilliant, quirky, and sought after for his genius. With Ms. Edelbrock’s able assistance, Master Jeffrey overcomes danger and evil-doers, while helping the weak and less fortunate with his intellect. Hiding his compassion beneath a gruff exterior, Master Jeffrey fights the good fight with humor and aplomb (plus sugar for quick energy.)

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